Sapanca Mountain Lodges are located on a hill that is near Hacımercan Village on the southern slopes of Sapanca. There is another residential area belonging to Istanbul Technical University to the west of lodges.Lodges, which are thought of as a weekend houses, consists of 22 units in 11 blocks. There is also a swimming pool, a social facility and a tennis court. Some of lodges view Lake Sapanca, the other part views the lake, as well as the forests in the east and south directions, the last part views the forests only. In accordance with the terrain topography, some of the lodges consist of 2 floors and some of them consist of 2 floors plus basement. All lodges have 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. Triplex lodges have 300 m2 closed area and quadruplex lodges have 350 m2 closed area. The remarkable feature of the interior organization of the lodges is that a vertical space in where the staircase is placed continues on all floors and this space opens to a hall at the floors .This fiction completely eliminated the use of the corridor.

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