The Faculty & Staff Club of the Institute of Technology in Gebze, Kocaeli is located at the front of the Academic Forum at the southern end of the Chemistry Department Building. The Academic Forum, a circular plaza which also comprises the Dean of the Engineering, the Dean of Sciences’ Offices and the Central Library may be acknowledged as the academic hearth of the Campus. A pedestrian viaduct originates from this point towards the other side of the valley where the ReligiousForum of the Campus is located
The building layout is a dynamic composition of two square blocks that penetrate into the sides of a conical glass atrium at the center. The system is completed by a longitudinal brutalist open terrace projecting towards the Gulf direction. The kitchen and the main entrance blocks are defined as separate subordinate entities that complete the structure. The dominating glass cone of the atrium may be perceived as the terminus element of the Academic Forum.

The functional layout of the Club is very clearcut. The larger southern square is reserved for the restaurants and coffe rooms of the academic faculty while the smaller northern one is dedicated to the administrative staff. The cascading terraces extend the enclosed spaces towards the landscape and the sea view. As in most of the buildings of the Campus the Faculty Club aims to integrate itself with the sloping topography of the terrain, thereby minimising the excavation works. A service road reaches the service court below the kitchen.

The enclosed area of the Faculty & Staff Club building is 6,600 m2. The construction works have not started yet. The Masterplan of the Campus has been prepared by the same architect.

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