The housing compound is located in Kusadasi, Sogucak Village and is composed of 16 two-level villas in twin configuration and a larger single one 3 levels. The land possesses splendid views over the Davutlar Gulf on the Egean Sea. At the left is the Dilek National Park Peninsula and in front is the Greek Island Samos. In order to allow all the villas to enjoy the vista from the ground the sloping land has been transformed to two terraces, 8 typical villas and the large villa sitting on the upper and 8 villas on the lower terrrace. At the southern end of the lot takes place the swimming pool and annexes. The villas enjoy front and back verandahs in line with the sun orientation and the comforting, yet occasionally harsh, ‘Imbat’ breeze from the Egean Sea. Each unit enjoys a small refreshment pool on the front deck. Concern has been attributed to allow a visual transparency between the front and rear yards. The two-level high living room is crowned by the sloping roof. The master bedroom may contemplate both the living space and the view beyond. Natural light has been taken in thru skylights topping the bedrooms’ vestibule and the staircase. A balcony running from the stairs’ mid-landing to the front overlooks the living area, goes out and transforms itself to a meditation ‘Cihannüma’. In accordance with the with the pine trees at the vicinity, simulated timber and natural stone cladding have been used in and out the houses.

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